Because THATCamp is an unconference, most sessions will be decided through discussion in the conference participant community when the event itself begins. All THATCamp CAA attendees are active participants in setting the agenda. We’ll have the chance to brainstorm online before the conference dates through blog posts and discussion on the proposals page, and then we’ll set the agenda together in the first hour of the unconference. See the “Propose” page to learn how to propose a session and to see some examples. Tweet with #thatcamp #caa2015 for maximum exposure!

View the schedule in Google Sheets:


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  1. We are in the concourse level of the Hilton. Room A is the main convening room and we will be in nearby rooms for the breakout sessions. Look forward to seeing you all there!

  2. Any thoughts as to weather conditions for tomorrow? Current predictions are not good. I am hoping to attend both days but may be only able to go on Tuesday.

  3. We have discussed this possibility. While we would normally hope and expect everyone to be there for the whole thing the weather may not cooperate. Come in as soon as you -safely! – can and jump into the conversations. We will also have a second scheduling session on Tuesday morning after the demos, which will help ensure everyone has had a chance to pitch their concepts to the group.

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