Kenneth Stewart


I'm an art minded, humor filled, eccentric thinkerer/makerist that loves to use my hands for the joy of learning and the outward expression of human understanding. As the son of an electronics guru and guitar collector, at the age of 13 I thought I was destined to be a rockstar. At 18, I was to become a concert cellist. At 22, I was quite sure of my path as a freelance composer. But nearing the end of my 6 years in a PhD program in music composition at Duke, I realized my path all along has been to synergize all of these with my love of teaching, sharing, doing and creating.

While my background is in music performance and composition (and many facets therein), it is through music/audio technology that I’ve arrived at the digital humanities. Due in large part to my personal belief that today the future of [classical] music demands a sober, inward inspection of its position within the contemporary [musical] landscape.

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