Tracy Hamilton

  • Associate Professor
  • Sweet Briar College

Tracy Chapman Hamilton, Associate Professor in the Department of Art History at Sweet Briar College, received her BA from the University of Delaware and her graduate degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. Her primary publications focus on Late Capetian (that is thirteenth and fourteenth-century French) royal women's patronage. For instance, Hamilton is currently writing her second book on the collecting, exchange, gift-giving, and patronage habits -- focusing in particular on geographical awareness -- of Marie de Brabant, Mahaut d'Artois, Jeanne de Navarre et Champagne, Jeanne de Bourgogne, Jeanne d'Evreux, and many of their contemporaries and successors in her second book, The Ceremonial Landscape: Geography, Gender, and Art in Late Medieval France. This book is accompanied by her work on a digital mapping project that will help visualize and problematize the exact nature of these women's patronage.

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