Andrea Walton


Recently, I completed an MLS with a certificate in archives, preservation and records management and have an MA in Art History. I concluded two independent projects in the past few months acting as Project Researcher on one and Project Archivist/Cataloger on another. I was at the center of issues concerning archiving, cataloging and researching throughout the experiences I had over the past several years adapting to changing work environments and departmental priorities as an independent contractor and intern at diverse New York libraries, archives and cultural institutions. While documenting and making available a wide range of material, I learned from and collaborated with curators, librarians, students, technicians, faculty and administrators. My work encompassed researching, creating finding aids, item-level cataloging of collections, thesaurus development, digitizing, searching databases and correcting complex records, rehousing, processing, conserving and handling materials in many formats and across several centuries.